Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bali 1912

In 1912, a young German doctor working for the Dutch East Indies government fell in love with Bali.

To mark his devotion the doctor, Gregor Krause, took more than 4,000 photographs - making him the forerunner of the vast numbers of visitors who have been taking pictures of Bali ever since.

Then in 1920, 400 of his photographs accompanied by his own reports were published in Germany. Their effect on a Europe newly emerged from four years of world war and still struggling with austerity was dramatic. Here were pictures of a hallowed island of love, harmony and beauty - everything that Europe would like to be.

A selection of Gregor Krause's best work is published in Bali 1912, including many prints from his original glass slides. They offer a unique view of traditional Bali and prove once again that good black-and-white photography can easily hold its own against today's glossiest work in colour.

Here's a video clip of the same time period although unrelated to the book: