Thursday, August 4, 2011

Batik Keris Discovery Shopping Mall Bali

You could, of course, go shopping for batik in any of the thousands of shops but we always go straight to the best, Batik Keris, who have shops all over Indonesia, three of which are in Bali.

Our favourite is the one in the Discovery Shopping Mall, an easy walk down the road from our hotel HARRIS in Tuban.

Tucked away in a corner of the large shop, and barely visible, was a Reflexology Massage Parlour and so, while Padma was trying on expensive batik-dresses, I indulged in a relaxing foot massage.

As I was the only customer, I asked the young girl if she had been busy, "No", she said, "you are only my second customer." She was only paid 10% of the takings which meant that on this day she had so far earned Rp.8,000 - that's not even ONE DOLLAR! On days when there are no customers at all, she goes home with nothing! And yet she smiled and performed her work enthusiastically and with dignity.

Of course, I tipped her very handsomely as I reflected on the tens (hundreds?) of thousands of Australia's so-called 'unemployeds' who have been spoilt by our generous social security system.