Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday afternoon

Nick got sick of being asked, "Where are you from?" and bought himself a pair of thongs to strut his nationality

Having overpaid on his first pair, Nick spend the rest of the trip checking on the prices of thongs

I nearly bought this hotel for Padma

My favourite restaurant!

Checking in or out, there are always big smiles

Nick felt at home

We're still at Lovina but have phoned our driver in Denpasar to pick us up tomorrow around 10 o'clock to drive us all the way around the top of the island down to Padang Bai where we will stay for another two nights until Sunday.

Then we'll stay until Tuesday in Ubud, before returning to Kuta for our last night at HARRIS Tuban before catching the flight back to Australia on Wednesday.

I'll add photos to this blog but this will have to wait until I get back to "Riverbend" as the local internet connections are far too slow here to upload any pictures.

Nick bought a pair of thongs for what he thought was a song: Rp.100,000. That's the equivalent of six delicious apple crumble with lashings of cream and a cherry on top! Now he carries them in his hand most of the time. Maybe he dislikes the idea of walking on six apple crumble! He also introduced me to the addictive world of SODUKO. I am still working on my first puzzle! I am also still trying to find a KUDA PUTIH beer; instead, I have discovered STORM, another Bali beer.

Checked the messages from "Riverbend" where everything seems to have quietened down again after the big storm on Monday. Sent my own holorimic message home, signed "Isle of View". Let Padma make of it what she will!