Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Last night ...

... I became very upset! I walked up to the little Circle-K shop to the left of HARRIS and there, just one house before Circle-K, is a house that has a puppy dog inside a wire BIRDCAGE!!! That little dog is the most traumatised dog you will ever see!!! It is crouched in a corner of the tiny cage, shivers with fright, and cringes at everything that moves past him (which is thousands of vehicles every day!) He's almost too big already to get outside the door of the cage and certainly hasn't been outside for a long time.

He can't walk as there is no walking space and he just exists! Death would be a release for him! The owner came out to see me and said, "You like dog?" I said, "Yes, but not in a birdcage" and I told him that in Australia he would have to answer for his cruelty to the police. He just said, "Yes, boss", and walked inside again. I felt like killing him!!! (On reflection, killing him would be too kind to him: put him inside a tiny birdcage and slowly cook him under the tropical sun!)

I didn't take a photo of the little dog as it would remind me even more of his tragic existence! Having to cope with it in my memory is bad enough!

P.S. I just spoke to Evi, the hotel's F&B Manager, and she knows about the puppy who's been there in his tiny cage for quite some time. Other hotel-guests have complained, too, but there is nothing anybody can do.