Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How much is that doggie's life worth in the tiny birdcage?

Just walked past that poor little dog again. He's still there! HE'S ALWAYS THERE! And this morning he's sitting in his tiny cage right under the broiling sun!!! It was too hot for me to walk out there; how much hotter it must be in his tiny cage at pavement level and exposed to the exhaust gases of those thousands of cars roaring by all day and night!!!

He is imprisoned in his tiny cage outside the door of a small suburban hotel, a 'homestay' by the name of nu'Pondok2A - see here - ; their email address is Perhaps if we all email them, they will do something to make the little dog's life a little easier?

I thank you and so would the little dog if he could talk with more than his sad little eyes!